Our Vision

Power of Good.


This all started close to home. My cousin was born with a genetic disorder at birth called “Spinal Muscle Atrophy”. In India, I experienced first hand the struggles many face with this disorder. The disabled were undervalued and public places such as schools, places of worship, transportation, and even markets were inaccessible to the handicapped. My cousin was fortunate enough to go through rehabilitation and be able to obtain a prosthetic without any financial burden, however I realized that this was not the case for the majority of people with a disorder in India. Once I heard about Jaipur Foot, I knew that I had to do something to promote their work in the US. I founded Prosthetics for Change, a grassroots organization and first subsidiary of Jaipur Foot in the United States, to raise awareness and funds to support the handicapped on a global scale.


Ashita Dhadda
Founder & Executive Director


Two years ago, I partially tore my ACL. The thought of fully tearing it while playing sports always took up my mind but also humbled me. I realized I was lucky enough to be able to rehabilitate my knee and resume with everyday activities. It fueled my interest in the world of prosthetics as I came to know more and more about those who completely lost a limb and could not afford a prosthetic themselves. I wanted to explore and find ways to make a positive impact in the lives of those who did not have the same opportunity as me and worked with Ashita to establish our non-profit organization Prosthetics for Change. By raising funds for Jaipur Foot we have began our journey to provide funds to aid those in need and hope to branch out in the future to other organizations as well.


Soubia Hasan