“....society is doing their job.”

Helping people who are less fortunate is the ultimate in teaching.  PFC is a student run organization that is helping the less fortunate, therefore society is doing their job.

— Robert Kravitz, Superintendent

“Service to others has no boundaries”

It inspires me to see the commitment to service and advocacy of this student organization. Empathy is  such an important part of improving the communities in which we live. Dedication such as this serves as a good example of how “service” to others has no boundaries. 

— Billy Bowie, Principal

“Awed and impressed.”

I am always awed and impressed when students such as these take on such an important and meaningful cause.  This group sets an example of what all of us should strive to achieve, and the impact on those individuals who will receive the prostheses is immeasurable.  

— Dotty McClelland, Teacher


The work that the students have put into creating this organization is commendable. They have taken on a massive task, but little by little, they are helping underserved areas provide relief to many people. The organization will benefit more people than can be stated.

— Mindy Rochman, Teacher


“Fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing adults”

When students take the time to research, organize, and promote their cause effectively, both the school district and the community benefit greatly.  Having a group of dedicated students to take on an initiative to improve the lifestyle of so many and to educate others in the process, makes it rewarding to be involved in the educational profession. We are fortunate to be surround by such amazing young adults.  

— Richard Suchanski, Director of Athletics

“...have made a tremendous impact.”

The leaders of prosthetics for change have made a tremendous impact on their cause. Because of their hard work and dedication, these students stepped up and took on the challenge of raising funds for the organization Jaipur Foot, and successfully put together about $2000 from their efforts alone. Their determination and cohesiveness shined through as they discussed their goals with me and I believe they can continue to bring a positive change as their efforts continue.

— Vicki Faithful-Hill, Librarian